Using Arbitration to Resolve Employee Disputes

Arbitration Dispute Resolution is a popular expression to describe the process by which individuals resolve disputes in the workplace. Disputes in the workplace tend to be longer and more emotionally charged than other types of disputes, but there are a number of ways in which both sides can use arbitration. Arbitration dispute resolution can be a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Such resolutions are intended to provide an impartial third party with the ability to mediate a dispute in a workplace that cannot be settled through conventional channels. Arbitration is based upon the United States Arbitration Act of Agreement, as well as a number of other federal and state laws.

Arbitration Dispute Resolution


Dispute resolution or arbitration is also the procedure of settling disputes between individuals. Disputes in the workplace tend to be more intense and longer than other disputes, but the terms dispute resolution can apply to all types of disputes in the workplace. In a dispute in the workplace, you may be looking for help with an existing situation or perhaps you have a concern or argument that is not being properly handled in the workplace. There are several different disputes that may be addressed through arbitration, including sexual harassment, discrimination, maternity leave issues, contract disputes, and other employment-related disputes. Continue reading

International Civil Law – How Can an International Civil Litigation Lawyer Help?

International Civil Law

International Civil Law is a branch of the law system, which seeks to deal with international disputes or political situations involving more than one country. This branch of law is also known as customary law or universal law. The focus of International Civil Law is upon human rights and universal values as expressed in human agreements. It is designed to prevent violations of human rights and impartiality of international laws. Continue reading